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The benefits of comprehensive BBQ catering services, far outweigh the price, especially when those BBQ services are from us, the original Traffic Man BBQ!

We master the art of BBQ, whether a modest backyard barbecue party, formal indoor catering, or a full-fledged wedding reception BBQ, both inside and outside. We can customize the standard menu to meet your demands.


We are prepared to go beyond the call of duty to please you. Hire us and have the opportunity to sit back and relax at your own BBQ! Call for FREE estimates!

With us supporting you with our comprehensive BBQ catering services, you will be stress free. We, the original Traffic Man BBQ, in business since 1988, fully assure you, of high-quality foods and properly prepared and presented side dishes.

We will make your special BBQ event a party to recall with great joy. Plus, we offer various entertainment features on a rental basis. Children and adults prefer our rental entertainment over other types of entertainment, we are reliably told.

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